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Vacations with Purpose are week-long sailing adventures in the caribbean on board a 65' sailboat


We started vacations with purpose in 2014 after a Turkish sailor donated his 65' sailboat to become the flagship vessel of our youth intervention programs. Although a perfect program vessel, it was halfway around the world and in need of major upgrades and repairs. We needed a miracle to get her outfitted and home to Florida.


There was no time to write grant applications or launch a long fundraising campaign. Instead, we took a leap of faith and started a donation-based international charter business and invited donors to join us on the delivery to Florida.


More than 110 friends and adventurous supporters responded and took week-long vacations to help us sail SV 'Defy the Odds' 5,000 nautical miles from Turkey to Florida. 


Our guests' vacations collectively raised more than $100,000 to cover all the costs necessary to upgrade our old racing boat into a stable and safe home for our kids.


Five thousand miles later, we have seen vacations with purpose bridge communities and create memories and stories that last a lifetime. We explored blue water caves in Croatia and survived the debt crisis in Greece. We braved the Straits of Gibraltar and had mojitos at the iconic Casablanca restaurant in Morocco.

Many of our guests don't just fund our programs through their vacations, but go home to become mentors and life coaches to our kids. 

2016 vacations are not part of a boat delivery; Our sole mission this year is to help you create a week full of memories that will last a lifetime.

We invite you to join the SailFuture family and plan your next vacation on board SV Defy the Odds.


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