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Academic Model

Curriculum Overview

SailFuture Academy’s academic model centers around the theme of entrepreneurship, integrating fundamental business concepts and skills into the humanities and STEM curriculums across all four grades

In addition to dynamic classroom instruction, students participate in full-day immersive learning labs each week where they are presented with real-world, hands-on problem solving challenges.

In 11th and 12th grade, students intern and apprentice in one of the three student-led social enterprises: the SailFuture Kitchen, the SailFuture Construction Team, and/or the SailFuture Boat Donation program as well as outside partners in these industries

Students at the Academy follow a year-round academic calendar with 5 terms. Each term, students receive STEM and humanities instruction that meets each student where he is while at the same time providing formative and summative opportunities to demonstrate practical skills mastery.

Core Curriculum Components

SailFuture Academy’s academic model centers around the theme of entrepreneurship, integrating fundamental business concepts and skills into the humanities and STEM curriculums across all four grades.

Social-Emotional Development

Trauma-informed, individualized education is the cornerstone of student emotional and academic trust, growth, and success. We take each student’s unique needs into consideration in order to provide a sense of belonging and purpose.

STEM + ELA Integrated Course Work

All student coursework is seamlessly integrated to connect abstract concepts to real-world applications. Interdisciplinary projects and instruction, aligned with business and vocational learning labs, provide space and time to creatively problem solve.

Project-Based Learning with Industry Professionals

Hands-on training in the culinary, construction and maritime industries provides opportunities to problem solve in real time with the support and encouragement of instructional coaches.

Build foundational business development skills

Each student at SailFuture Academy will learn business by doing business through SailFuture’s Social Enterprises. Students will graduate with the skills necessary to provide financial stability and the knowledge of how to start and run an effective business.

After-School Programming and Transportation Support

Guaranteed Internships and Job Placement


Freshman Year

Students begin their journey at SailFuture Academy in the ninth grade. The first year is centered around building a community and school culture predicated on trust. Individual learning needs will be determined and subsequently utilized to inform the daily instruction methodologies.

Weekly learning labs provide students with opportunities to acquire foundational skills that have proven to be crucial to operating a successful business. ELA and STEM coursework is designed to prepare students with concrete content knowledge in order to successfully apply the skills to more abstract concepts and challenges.

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Sophomore Year

The tenth grade year builds on the foundation of culture and foundational skills established in the ninth grade year. Students are presented with industry-specific challenges in weekly lab settings, facilitated through SailFuture Social Enterprises, where students spend an entire day immersed in hands-on learning.

At the conclusion of each lab, students will present their final product and their learning experience in order to build on the communication skills honed through the ELA curriculum. STEM content is implemented in a manner that further examines the interconnectivity of science, technology, engineering, and math in today’s world through real-world examples that engage student learning.

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Junior Year

During their 11th grade year, SailFuture students serve in leadership positions within each of the three Social Enterprises.

In roles such as Sous Chef, Foreman, and First Mate, students take on greater responsibility for business operations during the course of their learning labs.

Students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate their business acumen as the year progresses while simultaneously acquiring a deeper understanding of types of leadership, the significance of modeled behavior, and stronger awareness of their strengths and areas of growth.

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Senior Year

In the 12th grade year, students are placed in paid apprenticeships within one of the three SailFuture Social Enterprises or with an outside business partner of SailFuture Academy. Students attend their apprenticeship three days per week and attend ELA, STEM, Business, and life skills classes on campus two days per week.

The majority of the 12th grade ELA and STEM curriculum aims to assist students in the development of a viable business plan that will be presented to the community at large and could be used to launch an enterprise.

In addition to the development of a business plan, students will be guided through resume and cover letter writing, financial literacy and preparedness, as well as apply to jobs and/or post-secondary institutions, depending on the needs and interests of the student.

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Portrait of a Graduate

A SailFuture graduate is equipped with the academic, vocational and emotional abilities to transition into adulthood and successfully navigate the workforce.

Skilled problem solver with the ability to adapt on the fly
Pervasive ownership mindset that informs application of skills in the culinary, construction and/or maritime industry
Strong understanding of self and the key skills to navigate life’s challenges
Adept communicator with words and with data Strong computational ability
Technologically Proficient

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School Information

SailFuture Academy is a co-ed, year-round school designed to immediately bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. The SailFuture Academy is located in Saint Petersburg, Florida at 2154 27th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713.

2154 27th Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 5:00pm

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