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The two core components of SailFuture programs are sailing-based high school facilities and long-term housing. We pursue boat and property donations in order to open additional programs and serve more youth.
Through a gift to SailFuture, your boat or home can become so much more than a write-off; it has the opportunity to serve as a floating classroom or stable home that will forever transform our kids lives.
For example: our flagship vessel Defy the Odds, a 65-foot MacGregor sailboat, was donated by Hakan Usal. He loved his boat; he raised his family on it. He meticulously maintained and cared for it, and sailed it halfway around the world.
Now, his legacy lives on through the hundreds of students that have experienced his same love for the ocean, and learned responsibility, science, and teamwork by sailing on board Defy the Odds.
Important Tax Information
& Key Donation Advantages:
Your gift supports our work to transform the lives of some of society’s hardest to reach youth.
A unique opportunity to continue your legacy because your boat or home will be integrated into our programs and services, not simply leased out or sold to generate cash flow for the organization.
You will be immediately relieved of the considerable expense of continued ownership, including storage, maintenance, insurance, and depreciation.
SailFuture is a 501(c)(3) and you are eligible to claim a charitable deduction on your federal income tax return. Your carry forward of unused tax deduction can apply for 5 years, and you may reduce up to 50% of adjusted gross income by the full appraised value of the boat or property.
If you are interested in making a boat or property donation, the first step is to contact us.
Our team will answer any questions you have with the donation process and explore ways to integrate your gift into our kid’s lives.