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01 Sep 2020 SailFuture Secures National Funding from The Drexel Fund

Lindsay Danielson

Head of School

We are excited to announce that SailFuture was selected as one of The Drexel Fund’s Founders Program Fellows. Not only has this provided SailFuture the opportunity to spread our message and our mission, but most significantly it has enabled SailFuture Academy to become a reality.

The Drexel Fund, a nonprofit venture philanthropy fund, was founded in 2015 and serves to support entrepreneurs focused on launching private schools that serve underrepresented and marginalized communities.

SailFuture Academy will be an all-boys, year-round school designed to immediately bridge the gap between graduation and a career. Students who are currently disengaged from their high school experience will be placed in the driver’s seat to solve real-world problems from the moment they step foot on campus in order to reinspire and reinforce the power of a purposeful education.

Additionally, students will gain industry-specific training in culinary, construction, and maritime skills through hands-on interdisciplinary projects and extended learning labs.

Recent News

SailFuture Begins Construction on New High School

Current SailFuture students and staff began construction at the site of the new SailFuture Academy today which is slated to open in August of 2021.

Lindsay Danielson

SailFuture Purchases Norwood School as Site for New High School

In December of 2019, SailFuture became the owner of the historic Norwood School building located at 2154 27th Avenue North, St. Petersburg, FL 33713.

Lindsay Danielson

SailFuture Secures National Funding from The Drexel Fund

We are excited to announce that SailFuture has been selected as a national finalist to receive grant funding from The Drexel Fund.

Lindsay Danielson