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As an organization, we offer a broad range of programs and services designed to holistically treat childhood trauma and equip teens with the skills and resources necessary to navigate life.

Private High School & Educational Programs

SailFuture Academy is a tuition-free career preparatory high school that leverages project-based learning and paid apprenticeships to prepare students for the real world.

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Child Welfare Programs

SailFuture operates two residential homes in St. Petersburg, Florida licensed by the Department of Children and Families.Residential is the core of all SailFuture programming, students participate in multi-month long sailing expeditions, adventure counseling, private high school education, vocational and job training, and independent living programming.

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Community Mental Health Counseling Services

Family, group, and individualized adventure-based therapy and behavioral treatment plans for teens. Unlike most mental health agencies, our therapeutic services are experience and adventure-based. Instead of in an office, many of our sessions take place sailing across Tampa Bay, walking the beach, kayaking through mangroves, or at a local park.

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International Sailing Expeditions

Our comprehensive programming includes 60-day sailing journeys throughout the world, adventure-based mental health counseling, practical job training, and a hands-on technical high school..

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Job Training & Social Enterprises

Our student run enterpises are the perfect way to teach students about business in a practical, hands-on and engaging way. Our students work 'behind the scenes' on all of the business fundamentals including: finances, project management, human resources, marketing, business development, and more.

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Recent News

SailFuture Teaching Life Skills through Sailing

SailFuture Academy is a free, private school in Florida that teaches disadvantaged youth life skills including the art of sailing.

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Good Morning America

Free private High School Empowers Students

The program will focus on giving students career skills in a real-life environment.

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The Weekly Challenger

National nonprofit ‘pressure-tests’ innovative education choice programs in Florida and beyond

A more recent project is SailFuture Academy, a St. Petersburg foster care agency that is opening a vocational high school this fall for lower-income who have become disengaged in traditional high school settings.

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ReImagine Education

Tiny private school aims to boost struggling Pinellas teens

The program will focus on giving students career skills in a real-life environment.

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Tampa Bay Times

SailFuture Academy moves into New Building

A project-based high school serving underprivileged students in Pinellas County is enrolling students for its first year in a new building, starting this fall.

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WTSP Tampa Bay

SailFuture opens historic Norwood School, prepares youth for success

SailFuture serves teens throughout the St. Petersburg community, and with the purchase and recent redevelopment of the historic Norwood Elementary School, the innovative organization is better equipped to prepare kids for success as adults.

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St. Pete Catalyst